Holiday Safety Tips

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The most wonderful time of the year has some shortcomings. Some of the festive traditions come with safety risks that result in serious injuries every holiday season. With careful consideration of safety concerns, you can avoid unnecessary injuries. The following are safety tips to keep your holidays injury-free.

Decorate with Fire Safety in Mind

One of the most beloved aspects of the holidays is getting to enjoy the beautiful decorations. The twinkle of strings lights, the flicker of candles, and the warmth and splendor of a fireplace create the familiar ambiance of holidays. All too often, however, those elements can create real danger if they are not tended to responsibly. The following are a few tips to remember while decorating:

Dry trees catch fire: You should water your Christmas tree daily since dry branches can become kindling if an electrical fire breaks out along a string of electrical Christmas lights.

Open flames are dangerous: Keep open flames on candle decorations, such as menorahs and kinaras, a safe distance from curtains, furniture, and decorations; at least three feet is recommended. Do not leave candles within reach of a child or where a pet can knock into it. Consider flameless candles for your decorations; plug-in or battery-powered options are also available.

Ladders: When using a ladder to hang outside lights or to top off your tree with a sparkly star, make sure to use proper ladder safety practices. Place the ladder on level ground before climbing it. Have someone hold the ladder steady, if possible. Do not attempt to stand on the top step or reach out too far.

Electrical safety: Look over your lights for signs of wear and tear. Replace worn, broken, or questionable lights. Plug in no more than three light strands in a row. A power strip can accommodate additional strands, if necessary. Unplug lights overnight and if you leave the house. When decorating outdoors, use string lights that are meant for use outside. Outside light strands have a fuse in the plug to prevent problems.

Fireplace use: Use a fireplace screen whenever you have an active fire in your fireplace. Stray sparks can land on nearby carpets or other objects. Be sure to keep all flammable materials a minimum of three feet away from the fire. Put the fire out completely before going to bed or leaving the house.

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