What Causes the Increase of Truck Accidents During the Summer Months?


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety calls summer one of the most dangerous times of the year on the nation’s roads because of the rise in traffic accidents. That rise in accidents includes those involving tractor trailers and other large trucks. Motor vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks are more likely to result in devastating injuries to all involved. With some of the largest tractor trailers weighing upwards of 30,000 pounds, the sheer impact of a collision with a vehicle this size can be catastrophic.

The following are common causes of summer truck accidents:

  • Tire Blowouts: Hot temperatures affect a tire’s performance. As tires heat up, they build pressure, which potentially causes a dangerous blowout. Owners and operators should check tire pressure frequently to ensure it is always within manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Inexperienced Drivers: Summer means school is out and more teens and young adults are on the road. Novice drivers may not yet understand how to safely navigate around large trucks and end up cutting them off or following too closely. Without enough space and time to slow to a stop, the risk of a truck accident increases significantly.
  • Overheating: Engines are more likely to become overheated during the warmer months. Drivers are advised to ensure their trucks are always well-maintained, making sure their coolant levels, radiators, and thermostats are ready to withstand the summer heat.
  • Pedestrians: Walkers, runners, and cyclists enjoy getting outdoors and soaking up the summer sun. However, they may not be alert and attentive to nearby traffic. Large trucks have difficulty avoiding an accident when a person suddenly enters their path, increasing the risk of serious and fatal injuries to pedestrians involved in truck accidents.
  • Potholes: After winter snow and spring rain are gone, potholes are often left behind. These deep pits and gullies are accidents waiting to happen, especially for multi-ton trucks traveling at high speeds. Trucks that get caught in potholes can experience tire blowouts, lane departures, and tip-over accidents, risking the lives of those traveling around them.
  • Road construction: In many parts of the country, it is simply not practical to complete road work in cold weather. Many non-essential construction projects happen in the summer to avoid winter precipitation. Roadside equipment and changes in traffic patterns create new hazards that make truck accidents more likely to occur.

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