As the Weather Warms Remember To Bike Safe


With warm weather comes the enjoyment of your favorite outdoor activities.  Bicycle riding is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities for the young and old.  Unfortunately, this healthy and fun activity can sometimes lead to injury.  However, most bicycle accidents and injuries can be avoided by following some simple tips.  First and foremost, always make sure to wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet.  In addition, bicycle riders should ride on the right in the same direction as other vehicles and obey all traffic signs, signals and lane markings.  Lastly, bicycle riders should not wear earplugs or a headset so that they can hear traffic and avoid dangerous conditions.  You can find these bicycle safety tips and others through The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website located at

Sometimes, even when the basic rules of bicycle safety are followed, one can be injured in a bicycle accident.  As attorneys, who have represented clients involved in bicycle accidents, we often see two main types of bicycle accidents.  First, and by far the most common, is a bicycle accident involving a car, truck or bus.  Often times because of the bias against bicycle riders, it is assumed that the bicycle rider was at fault.  However, in many instances, the bicycle rider followed the rules of the road while the automobile driver was at fault.  If you are involved in this type of accident, it is important that you immediately call the police and ensure that the police have the proper details of the accident.

Another type of bicycle accident is the hit and run bicycle accident.  Regrettably, sometimes automobile drivers who strike a bicycle rider leave the scene of the accident.  If this occurs, it is important to immediately call the police and record the name of any witnesses who may stop to render aid.  In addition, it is important that you immediately report the accident to your own automobile insurance carrier.

With spring upon us, it is important for bicycle riders to know safe riding rules, but it is also important for automobiles drivers to know that they have a duty to share the road with bicycles.   If everyone bikes and drives safe, bicycle accidents and injuries can be avoided.

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