Bicycle Accidents Rise in Emergency Rooms

bicycle accident

Warm weather means more cyclists are on the road, and unfortunately, it also means an increase in the number of accidents sending cyclists to the emergency room. The Beebe Healthcare’s Emergency Department reports treating more than twice the number of trauma cases involving cyclists so far this year than it did over the same period in 2018. The number of cyclists suffering significant trauma has also increased. Some of these injuries required transfer to a Level One trauma center, which included traumatic brain injury, organ lacerations, and bone fractures. While many cycling accidents result from collisions with motor vehicles, that is not true of all bike crashes.

National Bicycle Accident Statistics

Approximately 900 people lose their lives each year in bicycle crashes and 580,000 head to the emergency room. The largest number of fatalities occur in children and adolescents aged nine to 15, with boys more likely to be fatally injured in a bike accident than girls. The largest number of bike crashes occur in the summer, in the late afternoon or early evening. The most common cause of death, at 60 percent, is head injury, generally after colliding with a car. Head injuries are also the biggest cause of long-term disability in injured cyclists.

Many cyclists may be partly or completely at-fault for the accident, as they might perform stunts or speed. Crashes may also cause genital or rectal injuries in the cyclist. Landing on the handlebars may result in substantial abdominal injuries. Wearing a bike helmet may reduce head injuries by as much as 85 percent and facial injuries by 65 percent. Many cyclists ride off-road bikes, and while they are less likely to collide with a motor vehicle, mountain bike riders have their own share of injuries. Riding too fast results in injuries and deaths, as does hitting an obstacle on the trails and losing control of the mountain bike.

Preventing Bicycle Crashes

Following some basic safety types can help prevent cyclists from ending up in the emergency room. These include:

  • Always wearing a helmet
  • Not riding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • No cellphone use
  • Obeying the rules of the road
  • Not using headphones
  • Maintaining bicycles properly
  • Wearing correct footwear
  • Using hand signals
  • Using safety equipment, including reflectors
  • Correct adjustment of seat, handlebars, and pedals

It is also critical that cyclists always pay attention to their surroundings and avoid any types of distractions.

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