Bear Personal Injury Lawyers

personal injury claim form lawsuitSince 1990, we have advocated for clients like you who have been hurt in an accident caused by another individual or business’s negligence. When a serious accident interferes with your daily life, we will seek justice for your injuries and any damages, including physical and emotional distress, associated with them. At Rhoades & Morrow, we devote our energy to your case to ensure that you leave your worries about the accident behind, so that you can recover and regain your peace of mind.

Our extensive legal experience has given us a unique understanding about how a victim’s injuries can affect their daily life and ability to earn an income. We can help you gather necessary evidence that will enable our team to build a solid case that provides you the compensation you deserve after a life-changing event.

How We Can Help

Our attorneys have a record of success pursuing claims in the following areas:

  • Car Accidents – Although car accidents are increasingly common, the factors causing them are more unique. Factors such as intoxicated driving, distracted driving, and drowsy driving all contribute to accidents involving negligence.
  • Catastrophic Injury – If you endured a catastrophic injury at the hands of a negligent party during a motor vehicle or work accident, we will ensure you are being fairly compensated.
  • Defective Products – Many product liability cases arise from: manufacturing defects, faulty design, or failure to provide adequate warnings about the product. Our skilled attorneys will assist you in filing a claim when appropriate.
  • Medical Malpractice – Medical professionals are held to high standards but sometimes fail to measure up. If your physician or medical facility fails to provide a reasonable standard of care resulting in a birth injury, misdiagnosis, or prescription error, we will work tirelessly to get the answers and compensation you need by filing a medical malpractice claim against the responsible party.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Due to the lack of protective equipment on a bike, motorcyclists are at high risk for developing serious injuries or worse in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver.
  • Nursing Home Abuse – Nursing home abuse and negligence is rising to disturbing levels. If your loved one suffers due to abuse or neglect, we will be their voice, and pursue justice and compensation for the harm they have suffered, including unexplained injuries, bed sores, and other evidence of inadequate care.  
  • Pedestrian and Bike Accidents – Although pedestrians and bicyclists are protected by state traffic laws, oftentimes motorists fail to recognize this or use caution around them, which may result in life-threatening injuries.
  • Premises Liability – Slip and fall accidents present issues for all ages, but especially for seniors. If you fell due to the negligence of a property or business owner who failed to clean up a spill or fix a dilapidated staircase or walkway, or failed to provide adequate security on the premises, we can help.
  • Truck Accidents – When you are involved in a truck accident, it is critical to hire an experienced lawyer to negotiate your case. Truck drivers and the companies they work for are sure to be represented by teams of expensive attorneys to help them avoid litigation. If a negligent truck driver caused you harm, we will fight to hold the responsible parties accountable and recover maximum compensation for you and your loved ones.
  • Work Injuries – With our extensive experience in Delaware Workers’ Compensation law, we will obtain the full benefits to which you are entitled. If you have filed a Workers’ Compensation claim, only to be denied by your employer, we will fight for your rights.
  • Wrongful Death – Fatal accidents caused by another’s negligence not only bring emotional upheaval but financial complications as well. Let us help you file a claim against the responsible party, so that you can begin to heal after your loved one’s untimely passing.

Bear Personal Injury Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Have Experience Handling a Variety of Legal Matters

If you have been injured on the job, or suffered harm due to another party’s negligence or recklessness, Rhoades & Morrow will fight to recover the maximum compensation you deserve. We work on a contingency basis, meaning you pay us nothing unless we recover compensation for you. Call (302) 600-1107 today to schedule a free consultation with a seasoned Bear personal injury lawyer, or contact us online.

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