Driving This Halloween? Here Are Ways to Avoid an Accident


Halloween is a fun holiday for many families. However, Halloween also comes with driving dangers. There will be an increase in traffic, and drivers will see many pedestrians in popular trick-or-treating areas. Many adults will attend Halloween parties as well, increasing the likelihood of drunk driving car accidents.

Additionally, the combination of limited visibility due to darkness and an increase in the number of pedestrians makes driving on Halloween evening even more difficult and dangerous. Fortunately, some safety precautions can help you avoid a Halloween accident.

Plan Accordingly

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which means many people will be celebrating the holiday throughout the weekend. Many neighborhoods or communities might hold early trick-or-treating events as well.

You should try to learn when and where events are scheduled that might affect your normal travels. A busy Halloween event might create more traffic and make driving especially difficult. When you know when and where local events are scheduled, you can plan to stay away from them by taking alternate routes.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Exceeding the posted speed limit on busy roads and when pedestrian activity is high creates dangers. You should try to abide by the posted speed limits and follow other vehicles at a safe distance to help prevent accidents.

Running a stop light or a stop sign on Halloween could be dangerous for pedestrians. Disregarding traffic lights and stop signs could cause you to hit someone who is trying to cross the street on Halloween night or during an early trick-or-treating event.

Watch Out for Pedestrians and Parked Vehicles

On Halloween night, you should be extra careful when driving between sunset and about 8:00 p.m. The two hours following sunset are the most active for trick-or-treaters and their chaperones.

You should pay close attention to the sidewalks, crosswalks, and road shoulders so that you know when pedestrians are close. A child might run into the roadway for just about any reason.

You also should watch for vehicles that are pulling away from or backing out of parking spaces and driveways. The drivers might be distracted or otherwise not see you.

Maintain Your Vehicle

If you have a headlight that is out, worn tires, or other mechanical issues with your vehicle, you should leave it at home. Only a well-maintained is safe to drive.

You should make sure all of your vehicle’s lights are working and replace them if they are not. You need headlights to see and be seen while driving, and you need working brake lights and taillights so that other drivers know what you are doing. All of these things are important, especially since winter will be coming soon.

Taking some simple safety precautions can help you avoid a Halloween car accident. Another motorist, though, might thwart your efforts and cause an accident due to no fault of your own. If this happens, it is advisable to seek legal advice from a lawyer.

Wilmington Car Accident Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Help Those Who Have Been Injured in Halloween Crashes

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